• The Marquise Experience

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The Marquise Experience

Marquise GS

Marquise Custom

Marquise Custom

Marquise Trial

The CodaBow Marquise Experience

Understanding that the bow is the agent of expression for string players, CodaBow has devoted decades to helping players realize their true voice through the creation of carbon fiber violin, viola, cello, and bass bows.

For nearly 10 years, CodaBow, together with master bow maker Roger Zabinski, has crafted custom carbon fiber bows for musicians, tailored to realize a player’s potential and deliver a refined Master experience beyond our popular Performance line.

We refer to these special bows as Marquise.

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The Marquise GS

From the Artists

"It allows me to pull a nice deep and rich sound while also being able to give me the attack I need. I feel that the bow is strong enough to get attack but flexible enough for great tone."

Cremain Booker - Principal Cello Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra

From the Artists

"My perfect friend in my travels, it never fails.”

Oriol Sana - Artist and Pedagogue

From the Artists

“The CodaBow Marquise has redefined how a carbon fiber violin bow can sound and feel.  The Marquise feels natural and delivers an unparalleled depth of sound."

Andy Reiner - Award-Winning Fiddler, Composer and Educator